Monday, May 5, 2014

When Corporate Policies & Common Sense Clash

Why does it seem that some health & fitness clubs
have no common sense?

LA Fitness in Palm Harbor, FL recently revoked the membership of a mother helping her son work out. Mom is a personal trainer, but not at this particular club, and the club has a policy that no outside trainers can train members in their club.

From a business perspective, this is a very logical policy. If the club did not have this policy, they would be opening themselves up for all kinds of legal issues, not to mention lost revenue.

However, where is the common sense here? Based on this action the club is saying no one can help anyone with their workout, except LA Fitness employees. Does LA Fitness really want to alienate their members in this way?

It is one thing to revoke the membership of an outside trainer training someone for money, but a parent helping a child? Or a friend helping another friend? Just because they have the knowledge of a personal trainer does not mean they are trying to take business away from the club.

Maybe the club should have their trainers walking the floor more often, instead of sitting behind the front desk,  talking to their friends or having their eyes glued to their smartphone.

Have some health & fitness facilities really become this customer unfriendly?

I hope not.

To see the news report, click here.